In any room within a school, whether it is a classroom, gymnasium or cafeteria, good acoustics play an important role in the effectiveness of these instructional spaces.

  • In gymnasiums and multipurpose rooms, excessive noise and reverberation have a negative effect on learning.
  • A classroom atmosphere can be disruptive in itself, but excessive noise reverberation can make it difficult for students to understand what is being taught.Pinnacle Acoustics noise control solutions
  • School auditoriums generally have multiple uses, from musical and stage performances to award programs, but lecture usage requires a room with less reverberation or echos. Speech is best understood with sound coming directly from the source rather than reflected off  walls reducing the clarity of the sound.
  • Excessive noise in cafeterias is due to their large wide-open space, hard wall and floor surfaces and usually high open ceilings. Good sound control in the cafeteria area will help you expand the use of the space for other functions that may require good speech intelligibility.

In all cases, noisy rooms are not conducive to a good learning environment. Pinnacle Acoustics can help you choose the best acoustical solutions for your application. Reducing noise in most cases can be achieved by installing sound absorbing panels and ceiling sound baffles and/ or fabric wrapped panels on the walls. Pinnacle can help you determine which sound reduction panels will best meet your needs and acoustic requirements. Based on your budget, the required look, the durability and fire rating of material, and the reverberation time needed for the size and usage of the room, our technical representative will guide you through the process to achieve a good learning space.

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