Good acoustics play an important role in the effectiveness of varying types of instructional spaces. Bad acoustics can create a challenge for speech intelligibility. Pinnacle Acoustics can help.


Voluminous sanctuaries, electronic music and the spoken word present a unique problem in creating an intimate environment for worship. Let Pinnacle Acoustic help make it right.


Quiet environments in restaurants, along with good food and drink bring customers back. Good acoustics in these spaces is essential to setting the mood. Pinnacle is here to help.


OSHA requires basic levels of sound for employee safety in the workplace, no matter the situation. Industrial and manufacturing plant noise can cause you plenty of problems. Call Pinnacle today.


If your existing noise situation does not fit into one of our other categories, we have expierence in all types of structures . Contact Pinnacle today for simple solutions to your noise control problems.


Personalized Noise Control Solutions

Worship - Personalize noise control solutionsAuditorium - Personalize noise control solutions

Quiet environments are better for productivity, health and morale. Whether you need help muffling machinery, the enthusiastic chatter of students, excessive noise in auditoriums, theaters and gymnasiums, or your conference room echoes making speaker phone communications impossible, we are your personalized noise control solutions expert.

Pinnacle Acoustics can deliver a cost effective solution. Indoors or out, our noise control experts know exactly how to solve your problem and using our network of materials manufacturers, deliver you the best price possible. We can make your environment a quieter place within your budget restrictions.
Contact us now for your free acoustic consultation.