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Great resource for all types of ear disease, care and prevention.

Hearing, Ear Infections and Deafness

How Restaurants Got So Loud

Fashionable minimalism replaced plush opulence. That’s a recipe for commotion.

How Restaurants Got So Loud

Here’s to healthy (auditory) aging

Hearing Health Foundation report on Veterans hearing health.

Healthy Aging

Commuters not safe from noise issues

” the system significantly breaches the threshold of what is safe for our ears”

Fast Track to Hearing Damage

Airline Noise Continues to be Problem….

“airplane noise is increasing and there’s not much that can be done about it.”

No Answer to Airline Noise in Sight

DC residents tackle airport noise…

“The changes are part of a larger effort to modernize the air traffic control system by shifting it to satellite-based navigation.”

D.C. residents suffer major setback in fight over plane noise from National Airport

Noise Pollution is Rock and Roll

AC/DC didn’t lie

Noise Pollution

Too little noise?

It’s electric so you may not hear it….

Europe has a solution

Noise control windows ?

It’s a start but until you can actually see through them…..

NTU device can reduce noise pollution by up to half, targeted for use in 2 to 3 years

Noisy cities disrupt heartbeat and could trigger disease

Cacophony. What a great word Unless it means you get sick.

“Disruption of normal cardiac rhythms…”