Sonora Wall Panels - acoustic products and servicesAt Pinnacle Acoustics, we offer a full range of acoustic products and services for every application. We also offer specialized consulting to help meet your requirements. Here are some of our most popular products and services:

Acoustic Absorptive Wall Panels: These fiberglass acoustic panels are wrapped in durable and colorful fabrics. Used for sound absorption in noisy areas, they are easy to install with exceptional fit and finish.

• Industrial Barrier Blankets: These are a combination of mass-loaded vinyl and quilted fiberglass absorber for interior and industrial use. Noise-Curtain - acoustic products and servicesApplications include compressor buildings, high noise machinery and soft, framed acoustic enclosures.

• Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Compliance: By helping you with your acoustic issues, we can help you comply with OSHA noise control standards (1910.95)

• Interior and Exterior Acoustic Consulting: Let our experts analyze your commercial, educational and industrial noise issues and suggest complete solutions. This service is available on a per project or hourly basis.

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