Ever think about the damage loud environments can do to your voice?

Here’s an in-depth study on the effect of continuous loud talking due to loud environments.


Portable Silence? I could use that after listening to my relatives!

So here’s a neat product designed to create a quiet space in the middle of an airport or any other human-noise generated area. Reminds me of half-height phone booths. Remember them?


Here’s the full article on the companies active reduction products.


Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Here’s a fact filled web site on hearing loss due to noise (i.e. not genetic hearing loss). Lots of basic stuff but a good all-around lexicon of terms and causes.


My local pub/bar is too noisy. How to quiet what appears to be unquietable (sp?).

Here’s a British article about noise control in bars/pubs. It’s from 2006, but no less germane.

Doors, windows, walls, speakers, duct work etc….


Noise Control in Your Car is possible.

Here’s a good article about how to keep noise down in the car (not gagging your kids, REAL noise control!)


Perfect Acoustic Absorption? Sounds like a bad idea.

I’ve been in anechoic chambers before an there’s an odd feeling of “something’s missing”. If you consider that our bodies become accustomed to all sorts of environmental conditions in normal life, when you take one completely away, you are instantly aware that 20% of your senses aren’t working.


Microsoft gets into the act as well:


Love sports and want a career working with sound? Try Audio Mixer.

Can’t think of a better way to get free attendance at sporting events.



Tips for Sound Reduction on Tile Flooring

Here’s a great video to give you the basics of sound control for tile floors.


Acoustic Cloth

Over the course of the last ten years of supplying Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels (among other products) to customers, I have many times seen promoted “acoustic cloth” as superior to “regular” cloth. Do NOT fall for that. Unless a regular cloth is somehow embedded with lead or metal shards (which would end up reflecting the sound waves away form the panel core), it’s as good as any specialized “acoustic” cloth.


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