LARGE Acoustics for a SMALL recording studio.

For the weekend DJ or if you’re just trying to get the band back together for one more recording, it’s not THAT hard to get good acousitcs out of a small room.

iPod use among students damage ears

No Earth shattering news here, but it may give you ammo when counselling children.

Civil Disobedience has many uses – Noise Protests in UK

Well here’s one way to fight noisy construction trucks….

Nothing like a back yard creek to help you sleep – The Science of Sleep Noise

Ever wonder why you sleep so well at the shore? At your Uncle’s fishing cabin?

The science of scary screams – Noises to know

Just watched Hitchcock’s “Psycho” last night and it go me thinking about how scary screams are made…..

Outdoor Noise Barriers in a nutshell

Here’s a very simple article showing the benefits (and limitations of) well-placed noise barriers.

Would you go to a “Silent Restaurant”?

I can see where this would be a nice change of pace option but vibrancy is a part of the dinning experience and silence (see previous posts) is really creepy.

Ever think about the damage loud environments can do to your voice?

Here’s an in-depth study on the effect of continuous loud talking due to loud environments.;year=2015;volume=17;issue=74;spage=17;epage=22;aulast=Cutiva

Portable Silence? I could use that after listening to my relatives!

So here’s a neat product designed to create a quiet space in the middle of an airport or any other human-noise generated area. Reminds me of half-height phone booths. Remember them?

Here’s the full article on the companies active reduction products.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Here’s a fact filled web site on hearing loss due to noise (i.e. not genetic hearing loss). Lots of basic stuff but a good all-around lexicon of terms and causes.