How Background Noise Affects the Way You Work.

There’s good noise and bad noise.

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Test shows improving acoustics improves student listening

“Acoustic panels in the classroom improve pupil’s rating of the classroom sound conditions and speech perception. The ability to understand the teacher and other pupils is vital for good school performance. It is therefore of high importance to enhance acoustic conditions and in doing so School administrates may rely on pupil’s perception and listening tests as one factor describing the sound conditions in the classroom.”

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Gettin’ all Science-y with Noise. What is the db scale?

So what exactly is a db?


International Noise Awareness Day

Don’t know if we need a day, but awareness is awareness….

Third graders are the loudest? Who’d of thunk it?

Not a NEW article, but well worth the read.

“At some time during each grade’s lunch, the noise was above the danger level of 85 dB”

Aesthetically and acoustically brilliant buildings

Take a look at (and listen to) some of the coolest buildings in the world. Architectural function doesn’t have to ruin form.

And here are 12 more….

LARGE Acoustics for a SMALL recording studio.

For the weekend DJ or if you’re just trying to get the band back together for one more recording, it’s not THAT hard to get good acousitcs out of a small room.

iPod use among students damage ears

No Earth shattering news here, but it may give you ammo when counselling children.

Civil Disobedience has many uses – Noise Protests in UK

Well here’s one way to fight noisy construction trucks….

Nothing like a back yard creek to help you sleep – The Science of Sleep Noise

Ever wonder why you sleep so well at the shore? At your Uncle’s fishing cabin?