Army’s Smart Earplugs, Big Noise OUT, Small Noise IN

I can imagine there will be a lot of happy ears in the Army!

Army Active Eartplugs

While there may be no Noise Emergencies, there are Crises

If you’ve ever been to O’Hare you know there are REAL noise problems……

Your hearing loss safety board signs right here

Everybody has one. The safety board shows emergency exit routes, eye wash station locations and rules for safe living. Well let’s ad some hearing loss prevention signs!

Hearing Loss Prevention Posters

Noise stress of open office plans

Here’s a report on the stresses incurred due to noise by employees in open-office environments.

Performance and fatigue due to noise

Ted Talks – Architects need to use their ears.

Students can’t hear their teachers. Sadly, NOT a new story.

Ted Talks on classroom acoustics

Pipedown – Freedom from piped in misuc

So how bad is it? I’ve been in restaurants where it was subtle and added to the experience, others not so much.

How Background Noise Affects the Way You Work.

There’s good noise and bad noise.

Click to view – How Background Noise Affects the Way You Work.


Test shows improving acoustics improves student listening

“Acoustic panels in the classroom improve pupil’s rating of the classroom sound conditions and speech perception. The ability to understand the teacher and other pupils is vital for good school performance. It is therefore of high importance to enhance acoustic conditions and in doing so School administrates may rely on pupil’s perception and listening tests as one factor describing the sound conditions in the classroom.”

Click to view – A Screening Approach for Classroom Acoustics

Gettin’ all Science-y with Noise. What is the db scale?

So what exactly is a db?