Office kitchen appliances too noisy? Someone did something about it…

Says it’s a muffler for the coffee grinder but it has myriad applications.

Coffee grinder muffler

OSHA requires employers pay for personal noise control equipment

Directives and Training material for personal noise control from OSHA

OSHA equipment purchase resonsibilites

Open plan for Universities? Not exactly quiet.

Better think twice before expecting good noise control results from an open office plan.

Noisy Nightmare


Army’s Smart Earplugs, Big Noise OUT, Small Noise IN

I can imagine there will be a lot of happy ears in the Army!

Army Active Eartplugs

While there may be no Noise Emergencies, there are Crises

If you’ve ever been to O’Hare you know there are REAL noise problems……

Your hearing loss safety board signs right here

Everybody has one. The safety board shows emergency exit routes, eye wash station locations and rules for safe living. Well let’s ad some hearing loss prevention signs!

Hearing Loss Prevention Posters

Noise stress of open office plans

Here’s a report on the stresses incurred due to noise by employees in open-office environments.

Performance and fatigue due to noise

Ted Talks – Architects need to use their ears.

Students can’t hear their teachers. Sadly, NOT a new story.

Ted Talks on classroom acoustics

Pipedown – Freedom from piped in misuc

So how bad is it? I’ve been in restaurants where it was subtle and added to the experience, others not so much.