Acoustics to identify children’s kidney stones

If you’ve got them when young you’ll need plenty of scans in your life. Why repeat CT scans when sound can do it with no residuals.

Posterior Acoustic Shadow

Acoustic Environment and Employee Well-Being

Those crazy Finns have compiled an interesting study on work place noise and employee well being (in English)

Perceived Acoustic Environment

Just how loud is a NASCAR race?

It’s LOUD but meh, we like it!

How loud is Auto Racing?

Why wouldn’t you build your own desk siren? From the good noises category.

I’m surprised they don’t issue everybody one when you accept employment.

Build a Desk Siren

Yes, windchimes can be too noisy.

Municipal codes that work. LOL

Wind Chime noise violation


Can your Doctor hear you?

Hospital hard surfaces provide clean environments but AWFUL acoustics.

Doctor? Nurse? Listen….!

Using Sound for Space Exploration

Here’s a neat White Paper on using sound and sound receptors to explore other planets.

Sounds in space

Kudos to Holiday Inn: The Acoustic Door

Hope it doesn’t take long for other hotel chains to adopt this.

Hotels are finally attacking room noise.