The tonic of the wilderness….

Can’t hurt, just “be” in natures quiet place

Forest Bathing

5 Crucial Hearing Protection Facts: Hearing Health Foundation

October is National Hearing Health Month!!!

Hearing Protection Facts


Most common disability among veterans? Hearing?

Yup, guns and grenades bring big booms (and leave tinnitus among other ailments)

Hearing damage for Canadian Forces

Preserving One Square Inch of Silence

One man’s quest to prevent noise pollution in the contiguous US

One Square inch of Silence

Amid the din, Improvements in Hospital Noise

FGI Acoustics Working Group making progress addressing excess hospital noise.

Fight against hospital noise

Acoustics to identify children’s kidney stones

If you’ve got them when young you’ll need plenty of scans in your life. Why repeat CT scans when sound can do it with no residuals.

Posterior Acoustic Shadow

Acoustic Environment and Employee Well-Being

Those crazy Finns have compiled an interesting study on work place noise and employee well being (in English)

Perceived Acoustic Environment