Noise Pollution is Rock and Roll

AC/DC didn’t lie

Noise Pollution

Too little noise?

It’s electric so you may not hear it….

Europe has a solution

Noise control windows ?

It’s a start but until you can actually see through them…..

NTU device can reduce noise pollution by up to half, targeted for use in 2 to 3 years

Noisy cities disrupt heartbeat and could trigger disease

Cacophony. What a great word Unless it means you get sick.

“Disruption of normal cardiac rhythms…”

A Noisy Workplace Raises Risk of Heart Disease

“According to the CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), about a quarter of US workers, about 41 million people, reported a history of exposure to loud noise at work.”

Corporate Wellness Magazine

City Noise Making You Sick?

“For a century, urban commotion has been treated as a moral failing of individuals. Fixing it will require systemic changes to environmental noise.”

NASA BIG Sound Rig

OK for a Car stereo, wouldn’t want it in my house though…

NASA test speakers

John Connell Awards for Noise Control

“…….established in 2001 to recognize local authorities, industry, individuals and organisations judged to have been outstanding in their efforts to both reduce the impact of noise nuisance and seek to pioneer practical and innovative solutions to noise pollution.”

John Connell Awards 2017

The tonic of the wilderness….

Can’t hurt, just “be” in natures quiet place

Forest Bathing

5 Crucial Hearing Protection Facts: Hearing Health Foundation

October is National Hearing Health Month!!!

Hearing Protection Facts