Portable Silence? I could use that after listening to my relatives!

So here’s a neat product designed to create a quiet space in the middle of an airport or any other human-noise generated area. Reminds me of half-height phone booths. Remember them?


Here’s the full article on the companies active reduction products.


Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Here’s a fact filled web site on hearing loss due to noise (i.e. not genetic hearing loss). Lots of basic stuff but a good all-around lexicon of terms and causes.


My local pub/bar is too noisy. How to quiet what appears to be unquietable (sp?).

Here’s a British article about noise control in bars/pubs. It’s from 2006, but no less germane.

Doors, windows, walls, speakers, duct work etc….


Noise Control in Your Car is possible.

Here’s a good article about how to keep noise down in the car (not gagging your kids, REAL noise control!)